Who We Are

We specialize in custom software solutions for small business.  If you are using a manual paper process in your business, chances are good we can automate it, and chances are also good it will cost far less than you think.  We are a team of professionals who have worked in I.T. all our professional lives.  We have worked extensively with most all Microsoft products, and have experience in many industries including agriculture, manufacturing and sales.  All work is done by ourselves and we do not outsource.  We take privacy and client confidentiality to the highest standards.  This, and strong work ethic has kept us in the I.T. industry for so long.

Wisdom From Experience

Being in the I.T. field for 30+ years has taught me a few things.  Two of the main things I learned are technology changes fast, and people want “simple”.

Sometimes “simple” is a complex thing.  People have a vision of how a task should be done.  Often times this vision doesn’t align with reality.  Today’s business tasks are complex.  No matter what software you use to run your business, no doubt the software company told you that it was easy to use and flexible.  This ease and flexibility, unfortunately has led to unwanted complexity.

An Example – A Data Collection Task Simplified

A client once wanted to collect some inventory information.  They were using the newest version of their accounting software.  They wanted to capture the Item Code (from a barcoded label via scanner), and the quantity on hand.  The screen they were using to collect this data was the inventory item detail screen from their accounting software.  Even though they were using good, fast, new equipment, this was still an incredibly tedious task.  The following steps had to be done:

– Use the mouse to position the cursor to the Item Code field.
– Scan the Item Code.
– Press Tab 10 times until the cursor was in the Qty On Hand field.
– Type the new quantity.
– Use the mouse to click the “Save” button on the screen.

As they walked through the warehouse doing this over and over, the problems became apparent.  This took too much time.  Soon, shortcuts were being sought and mistakes were being made, and irritability was abound.

The Complex – Simplified

The solution I designed for this client was a two field data entry screen.  The new process flow was this:

– Scan the barcode.  (the cursor automatically moved to the next field).
– Type the new quantity on hand.
– Press Enter.  The data was recorded and the cursor moved back to the Item Code field, ready for the next scan.

A much easier flow, fewer keystrokes and much less error prone.  The results were saved in spreadsheet format, which they could import into their inventory system.

They thought a custom solution would be cost prohibitive.  The process cost far less than they had anticipated. The process saved time, money and frustration.

We made a complex problem simple.  This is what we do.